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C&S Campus Programs give you the opportunity to develop your career based on your strengths and potential, including the possibility to move functionally, laterally and vertically. C&S is a career destination for engaged, passionate and talented people who seek innovation, growth and opportunity.

What You'll Do
  • Earn a competitive salary and learn through hands-on and formal training how our $28 billion company works from the ground up
  • Use the latest technology and best practices to help solve complex business problems
  • Network with C&S leadership and other young professionals
  • Make a difference in the local community through company sponsored service initiatives
Meet Our Recent Hires
  • Nick Morrisohn, Human Resources Intern, Keene State College ‘19

    What attracted you to intern at C&S and what kept you here?

    “I think what attracted me to work at C&S was seeing the company’s drive for success as well as the industry it was leading. But it was not until I met my team that I discovered that the company is also very team oriented. What has kept me here is the constant support of my team and their drive to continuously challenge me and help me develop as a professional.”

    What has been your biggest takeaway since starting your internship at C&S?

    “The biggest takeaway from my internship since starting last January would honestly be the knowledge that I have acquired. I reflect back on who I was a year ago, and it is not the young professional that I am today. The value of what I have learned from this internship is immeasurable, C&S has figuratively planted the seed that will grow into my future career and endeavors.”

  • Alana Fiero, Leadership Development Program, Penn State ’18

    What factored in your decision to the Leadership Development Program at C&S after graduation?

    “I was drawn to the program for the focus on professional development and community involvement. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to learn about how a company of this magnitude functions day-to-day.” I quickly learned that this program allows you to establish relationships and build connections with people in this company regardless of their role. Every person matters at C&S.”

    Since joining C&S full-time, how have you built connections within the organization?

    “Since I moved to Keene for this position, I was thrilled to know that I’d have a group of peers participating in this program with me. We’re like family now, and I am so grateful for their support and friendship.”

  • Ian Kyle - Associate Financial Analyst, University of New Hampshire ‘18

    What factored in your decision to join C&S after graduation?

    “C&S offered the opportunity to work at one of the largest private companies in the country, and still live in New Hampshire. I get to learn and work alongside some of the brightest people in the industry and work at a company that is recognize as an industry leader, but still get to live close to where I grew up. C&S offers the best of both worlds of staying local and working in a fast paced/rewarding environment.”

    What inspires you about your job?

    “Over my time at C&S I am being exposed and learning new concepts on an almost daily basis. I never get bored with what I am working on. Compared to college, I feel I have learned more at job here at C&S than over an entire year at school.”

Our Process

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