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General Manager Development Program

As a part of our General Manager Development Program you will launch your career at C&S. The program offers executive exposure and a guided career path in the Operations field for driven young professionals.

Through hands-on development and learning, you will experience C&S at many levels. You will be exposed to various processes and roles throughout the organization, and will be looked to for analytical insights and suggestions for innovative changes that impact operations and influence the future.

The program consists of a three-week orientation followed by targeted rotations through multiple business functions critical to your role as a future General Manager. Assignments will provide broad exposure to the C&S network, while also giving you an opportunity to tackle tough issues and add immediate value.

During the C&S GM Development Program, you will:

  • Build your career credentials as you rotate through multiple business functions critical to your role as a future General Manager
  • Learn leadership skills through hands-on work as you interact across various departments, facilities and locations
  • Receive support from a mentor to reach your full leadership potential
  • Work on challenging and stimulations projects and tasks that directly impact C&S and out strategic growth plan
  • Network with C&S leadership and other young professionals
  • Make a difference in the local community through company-sponsored service initiatives.

Upon successful completion of the GM Development Program, you will be placed within a General Manager role in one of our multiple distribution centers across the country

From our recent GMDPs

In my experience with the GM Development Program, from Day One you’re set on a structured path to directly tackle key business issues and succeed. Between one-on-ones with senior management and a chance to directly experience operations prior to any projects, you really get a full picture of why what you’re doing matters.

– Steven Hollis, Bridgewater State University ‘18

Direct Hire Program

As part of the Direct Hire Program you will enter the organization in a key entry level role within a specific department. Throughout the interview process you will engage with strategic leadership across a specific field and learn more about our business functions and company culture to help align on your specific area of interest within the organization. Your work matters – the tasks and projects you complete on a daily basis impact the bottom line and overall future of C&S.

Through the C&S Direct Hire Program, you will:

  • Come into the organization in a key entry level role in a specific department such as – Procurement, Merchandising, Finance, Transportation, or Information Technology.
  • Receive support from peers and mentors to help you reach your full potential
  • Build your career credentials through various development opportunities
  • Network with C&S leadership and other young professionals
  • Make a difference in the local community through company-sponsored service initiatives

From our recent Direct Hires

My experience with the direct hire program was amazing! What really interested me about the program was knowing I would get to meet current C&S employees and executives during my process to learn about C&S and how much they enjoyed working here. It opened my eyes to what it would be like for me after college knowing I was going to be working at such a great company!

– Rachel Scaccia, Staff Accountant, Franklin Pierce University ‘17

I really enjoyed the direct hire program because it not only allowed me to explore the company and different job positions, but also provided me a great opportunity to network with others, and gave me materials to help me better understand all the working parts of my responsibilities. This made my transition into the program right after college very smooth and exciting!

– Jessica Davies, Associate Merchandising Analyst, Franklin Pierce University ‘18

C&S Scholars Program

Are you ready to take what you’ve learned and apply it to the real world? C&S Wholesale Grocers is looking for students like you. Join the C&S Scholars Program to explore networking opportunities, land an internship, and pursue the co-op pathway to employment after graduation.

C&S partners with Franklin Pierce University to prepare you for a successful career, beginning your first day on campus. Apply to the C&S Scholars Program to make professional connections, get hands-on skills and see the latest technology in action. Learn more about the partnership.

C&S recently received recognition from the New Hampshire College & University Council for their partnership with Franklin Pierce on the C&S Scholars Program. This event recognized outstanding partnerships between businesses and schools across the state of New Hampshire who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing student success.


  • Learn more about C&S during your FYI class
  • Polish your presentation at the Resume Review Day
  • During the Career Panel connect with Franklin Pierce alumni that have found success at C&S
  • Prepare your application to the C&S Scholars Program during your sophomore year


Choose either the fall or spring semester of your junior year to explore a paid internship at C&S in Keene. Pursue interesting, challenging, and meaningful work while contributing to the bottom line. This three credit course allows you to explore a wide range of business functions.


After successfully completing an internship at C&S, you may be selected to join the competitive co-op program, which can lead to direct employment after graduation. You’ll spend an entire semester senior year working full time, which will count for three classes at Franklin Pierce – and a paycheck too!


Upon completion of your undergraduate degree, this program can lead you directly into a successful career. Join the C&S team as a full-time employee and receive tuition assistance to continue into graduate schools after one year of employment.

From our current C&S Scholars

The possibility of an opportunity of being a part of something bigger than I have ever imagined is really what reeled me into C&S. C&S is a massive part of our food industry in the United States and having the opportunity to be a part of the company while still in college is just wild, I am super excited to start my journey here!

– Jonathan Busolin, Franklin Pierce University ‘20

All of my business professors at Franklin Pierce University were always expressing their enthusiasm for the C&S Scholars Program, and I thought that it would be a great experience to get involved in. I am really excited to learn about the key aspects that are needed to successfully run a large corporation, like C&S.

– Kaitlyn Puzzo, Franklin Pierce University ‘19